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Mathematica’s reputation for quality, objectivity, and rigorous research is based in no small part on our high-caliber staff. Employees at all levels are selected for their superior experience, education, and training. Most senior staff hold doctoral degrees and are nationally recognized in their fields, which include economics, sociology, survey research, public policy analysis, demography, education, and computer technology.

Our Selection Process

Although filling job vacancies with top-notch employees is no easy feat, Mathematica strives to recruit the highest-caliber professionals in public policy and analysis. Applicants are expected to have undergraduate or graduate degrees from a respected university, along with diverse professional and personal experiences that would be an asset to the company as well as to the candidate’s career growth. Once hired, employees are encouraged to make a lasting and positive impact on the industry as they pursue their unique goals.

Paul Decker, Mathematica president and CEO, talks about our unique, rigorous approach.
Paul Decker, Mathematica president and CEO, talks about our unique, rigorous approach.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Mathematica takes pride in its commitment to diversity. Building an inclusive culture that draws on the individual strengths of employees from different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, abilities, and experience is key to our success. Our research is more robust because it is informed by a variety of perspectives.

Mathematica’s commitment to diversity is also woven into everyday actions, policies, and practices. We are dedicated to sustaining a work environment in which everyone is treated with respect. We continually strive to maintain a professional and collegial atmosphere that promotes equal employment opportunities and values the contributions of each staff member.

Learn more about diversity efforts at Mathematica

Honoring Veterans

As the United States honors its military on Veterans Day, a video from Mathematica Policy Research highlights the company's work to improve the well-being of veterans and active-duty service members. Mathematica staff members discuss their personal connections to the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy, while highlighting their work on numerous projects.


Honoring Veterans Day from Mathematica Policy Research
Honoring Veterans Day from Mathematica Policy Research



Cambridge, Massachusetts

mathpolresearch “Meet #DataAnalytics Developer Linus Marco: "I’m a developer at Mathematica focusing on #webdevelopment and #datavisualization. We do great #research here, and it’s part of my job to present that work to our clients and to the public in an intuitive, easy-to-understand, and appealing manner. Beyond simply presenting research results, #javascript, #angular, #d3js, #python, and other web technologies allow us to create powerful interactive tools like dashboards that can monitor and evaluate programs in real time. The amount of #data in our lives is increasing rapidly, and it is MPR’s goal to use as much of that new data as possible to help improve public well-being. Web technologies and data visualization are two important tools in making that happen.”
–Linus Marco, Data Analytics Developer


Washington, District of Columbia

mathpolresearch “I've always been interested in the complexity of cities. And now there's a fresh urgency to our health, economic, social, and environmental policies in cities because the majority of the global population lives in urban areas. Recently there has been a shift in the #research world toward studying cities and their relationship to #climatechange. Given that the global urban population will continue to grow, and the effects of climate change remain largely negative, I’d say this is a shift in the right direction."
–Samira Siddique, International Division Researcher

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Our Focus Areas

Our staff includes national leaders who have helped shape policy in fields that range from health, education, early childhood, and family support to nutrition, employment, disability, and international development. Click on the links below to explore our work in these areas.

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